Peso888 gives you the best Jili fishing game in philippines


You wish to experience something new and unique in the fishing game, you are in the right place.Peso888 game designers have created a unique version of the fishing game that you would never want to forget. We have used up-to-date technology and cutting edge graphics in all our works which makes them look absolutely breathtaking.

JILI have been present for over 8 years. Peso888 gaming experts have built several custom-made games for various platforms and provided quality solutions for game development. Peso888 team of programmers can help you build your game from conception to completion

Peso888 JILI Fishing Game Hits the World and Easy to Play

Online fishing in JILI Games is the hottest online fishing in the world now. It is easy and quick to shoot the fish to die, and the odds are even up to 1200 times. Besides the famous slot game, Peso888 JILI fishing game is also no worse than others.
It has a complete functional system for Peso888 players. The gaming performance is as perfect as any other game in JILI, especially popular ones like Bombing Fishing, Jackpot Fishing, and Royal Fishing.
In the game, you can choose to use the high-destructive gun props to easily shoot down the big fish or other fish with a special bonus. In addition, the odds are also very high. The odds are promoted for purpose of giving back to the supporting members of JILI FISHING Game. To those new players, this is a great chance to gain rewards from online fishing.

Best JILI fishing Game in Peso888 JILI Games

The online fishing from JILI Games is viewed as the high odd rate game. Furthermore, it said by many players that the images and sound effects are in good quality. If you want to know more about the game, let our team introduce you to the three most popular fishing game in the world, as shown below.

JILI Fishing Game Machine MUST WIN Secret Skills! Learn more and in depth about the jili fishing game cycle

There are three types of the most common term in the jili fishing game machine and the following types were CONSUMING PERIOD, SPITTING PERIOD and LEISURE PERIOD.

Yet these three were not under the same cycle. For example, if a player enters the game for the first time, it is recommended for them to enter the SPITTING PERIOD, followed by LEISURE PERIOD and lastly enter the EATING PERIOD.

Therefore, some of the teachings that were provided on the Internet were not fully true. By default knowing how to identify the correct cycle is the proper fishing concept

Consuming Period
There is at least a 70% probability that this installment usually falls. The meaning of this so-called installment usually means where the cause of the winning point is based on the investment that is far less compared to the pressure point of the betting.

During this period of time, you will realize that the allocated quota quickly disappeared which is what we call as CONSUMING PERIOD. For this type of case you can calculate based on the total current amount you consume in every 10 seconds regardless if it is either a profit or a big loss.

If it’s a big loss you will then have to pay the installments. Then it is recommended to take a break first and wait for the new fish to arrive

Spitting Period
There is about 0.50% based from the playing time there is a spitting period occurred. For the winning point it was obtained based on the fixed period of time which is much greater than the invested point regardless whether you used any tools or not, as this basically will be the best time for players to encounter a situation where big fishes with highest point multiplier during this period of time.

This so-called spitting period works where the player killing rate was determined based on the increment in the system. This usually happens because it has been bitten too frequently and this will only appear once the return rate has reached.

Or it usually appears when other players were bitten too much during the same stage. In this kind of situation, it is advised to upgrade the turret based on the player content and earn lots of winning.

Leisure Period
The machine is in a situation where there is no win or lose. At this time, it is suitable to play specific fish species training skills, shooting position, fire rate control, scene switching play of each fish, etc. It is best to train at this time, because there is no need to worry about overdoing it. Win or lose, calmly think about fishing methods

1.Jili Bombing Fishing game

jili-fishing-game (2)


Bombing Fishing is a new game, which has a different style and function comparing to other games. Even though it adopts the cartoon style, this makes the game lively and vivid.

The odds of the top prize are up to 1200 times, and there are three rooms to choose from according to the amount of money you bet.
Happy Room, bets of 0.1 to 10 pesos
Dragon Room, bets of 1 to 80 pesos
Millionaire Room, bets of 10 to 100 pesos

2. Jili Jackpot Fishing game


This is another hot choice of JILI Fishing Game. When you dive into the deep ocean, there are 27 kinds of fish that you can choose to shoot. There are also high-destructive weapons like electrical guns to use.

When the points have accumulated to a certain goal, there will be 888 times of prize money paid in the Treasure Box. In this game, there are two rooms to choose from, including Millionaire Room and Millionaire Room VIP.

Jackpot Fishing is another hot choice of JILI Fishing Game. When you dive into the deep ocean, there are 27 kinds of fish that you can choose to shoot. There are also high-destructive weapons like electrical guns to use. Super prizes right in front of you!When the points have accumulated to a certain goal, there will be 888 times of prize money paid in the Treasure Box. Wide range of fish species that come with their own prizes, target, and lockdown to get rich quick! High odds species to appear anytime and anywhere with random extra 5x multipliers after captured! In Jackpot Jili Fishing game, there are two rooms to choose from, including Millionaire Room and Millionaire Room VIP, Ready to get rich overnight!

3. Mega Jili Fishing Game


Mega Jili Fishing game owens many merits is an online fish shooting game from JILI gaming that has a similar game like Jackpot Fishing. Mega octopus bringing the golden lucky wheel that can win huge prizes! With more features and effects when killing strange fish such as explosion bomb crabs. Come and experience the fun times. Get a new one for free now.

The deep sea giant squid has arrived. The special point Mega Octopus 950X , If you knock down this octopus, a lucky wheel will appear! Comes with a lucky wheel let you become a millionaire without knowing the most beautiful pictures of fish shooting games. Win big prizes from special fish Chase the lord of the sea with ease.

3.Royal Jili Fishing Game


It owns many merits, which is no worse than that of the two mentioned above. It will bring you as many joys as well. Besides JILI, you will not see this kind of game in other places.

The special point is that there are 30 kinds of fish for you to shoot, and the game has 8 special functions for players to use, with odds up to 350 times. Millionaire Room VIP.

This classic online fish shooting game developed by JILI is different from the previous jili fishing game  by adding dinosaur characters to the game and making Win city’s Royal Fishing

4.Dragon Jili Fishing game


Dragon Fishing2 is filled with adorable sea creatures and magnificent dragons. It also comes with a special system and 5 random multiplier bonuses as the scenes change every 5 minutes. The thrilling visual feast highlights the joy it brings to players. The online jili fishing game Dragon Fishing2, provided by FA chai for Win city, invites players to shoot it and receive rewards when special game conditions occur and the glowing golden dragon swims around the game screen with lots of bonuses on him.

5.Jili Star Hunter Fishing game


In the future may be a generation full of robots, human beings in order to protect their homes, must take up their own weapons, and these AI artificial intelligence to fight, this new jili fishing game Star Hunter by FA chai, in Win city is a special existence, in these games with fish as the main character, they bring players a special experience, the game’s big bosses are machine sharks, machine burst dragon, the more special animals are lion, leopard and unicorn shark.

How to Play Peso888 JILI Fishing Game, 7 Tips Easy to Play

The online JILI Fishing Game is viewed as the high odd rate game, the images and sound effects are in good quality. If you want to know more about the game, Halo Win Casino introduce you to the three most popular Jili fishing games in the world, as below.

Full Introduction To Peso888’s Most Popular Fishing Game : ONE CANNON FISHING

Peso888 One Cannon Fishing is ramming! Clearing the field with one shot is full of points, providing exclusive strategies to make your fishing smoother, and integrating all the skills of online masters. After reading this strategy, you will immediately become a veteran sailor. You can understand all the details of the skills, and you don’t have to worry about shooting duds. , the most complete lazy bag is here

1st Strategy : Importance of switching artillery
If the type of fish that only comes out is a big or a rare fish, you will only need to shoot 70 rounds if you often fail to hit them. If you successfully fire them, your net earning points will be 3000.

If you use 2000 to hunt down the fish for 5 attempts, then you will have a high probability to eat it once it is launched, and the net profit is 8000. The appearance of all fishing machines is a game. I have spent a lot of bullets fighting the big fishes, and the score has often been eaten by other fellow players.

2nd Strategy : Grab the player’s tail knife
Do you always encounter other players who are very exaggerated in robbing fish? You often fight for a long time, and the other party eats the big fish in one fell swoop. If you experience such a situation, It is recommended for you to not attack violently as soon as the big fish comes out.

First, observe the situation of other players shooting fish when the big fish reaches the midfield. Slow down and only start to take away the opportunity of other people’s big prizes, and compare the investment and effort, and you will find that the efficiency is very good, and you can make other players’ starting to gag more!

3rd Strategy : Shooting Technique
The few shooting methods are divided into some point and the following point consists of SINGLE POINT, CONTINUOUS POINT, CONTINUOUS SHOOTINGS, and FULLY AUTOMATIC SHOOTING. The following skills are the same as shooting, and each skill corresponds to various situations.

4th Strategy : Single point
Firstly, the single-point method is suitable for testing whether the current fishery is good upon switching to a different fishing ground. If the single-point fish is hard to get, then it is recommended to wait for a new fishing ground.

5th Strategy : Continuous Point
Continuous points are usually divided into double shots and three consecutive shots, which are suitable for shooting the big fishes and big fish that have the high multiplier. As mentioned above, the probability of big fish exploding is low.

Always consider the return on investment and always use the continuous point method to shoot. Also, consider other player’s shooting enthusiasm as the higher the enthusiasm is , the higher the connection frequency it is.

6th Strategy : Continuous Shootings
Continuous shooting means shooting more than 5~10 rounds continuously. Suitable for shooting functional fish. Functional fish can be obtained by shooting continuously for 5~10 rounds as a cycle, if more than 10 rounds do not continue to shoot, as that means there is a high probability the following functional fish is a bomb.

7th Strategy : Fully Automatic
Fully automatic is mostly suitable for switching small cannons. Firstly, players have to confirm whether the current fishing ground is soft. Combined with the previous point shooting to test the fishing ground, it is recommended to scan all the fishing products in the scene to determine if the fish is confirmed as a soft fishing ground.or the other way around

We hope that the guidance that has been shared based on the above regarding the fishing machine strategy somehow can help you to win big in Peso888 Casino! Sign up for Peso888 Casino now

Jackpot jili Fishing game Play for Real Money & Win Cash Prize

Peso888 Jackpot jili fishing game is a real money fish game from JILI Games, featuring 3 jackpot pools and 5x super prizes. The 3D visual makes the gaming experience better, it is also a multi-player game, up to 3 players at a time.

Players playing gambling games often know that Jackpot is mostly for slot machines but rarely for fish games. However, since this game was launched in 2019, the need for progressive cash prize has grown bigger than ever, and finally become a trend in 2022.

This game is so successful that players call it “Jackpot fish” to tell the difference from other classic fish games. What are the advantages of JILI Jackpot Fishing? How to win this game? Where to play? Our QA team is prepared to answer all your questions throughout this review.

Why do we recommend Jackpot Fishing game?

Compared classic fish game to jackpot fish, JILI Jackpot Fishing Game is crowned with higher maximum win, total payouts, jackpot prize, cashback reward and bonus event, successfully dominates 7 out of 5 evaluations in advance.

The single multiplier of Jackpot peso888 jili Fishing game is up to 888x, the pool’s progressive duration lasts longer too. But to our conclusion, since the cash prize is higher, so the multiplier and duration must be adjusted to a reasonable number in order to raise the payouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jackpot jili Fishing game is a gambling fish game with progressive jackpots produced by JILI Games, featuring various real money trophies.


Jackpot Fishing is a jackpot-pooled fish game produced by JILI; jackpot fish includes all fish games with jackpot pool.

Peso888 is the best Philippines casino for its mutually-held event, stable connection and 24-hour withdrawal.


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