Money Train 2 slot game from Europe to Asia

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Where is Money Train 2 slot game? - Peso888 SLOT

Money Train 2 slot game when RELAX GAMING released Money Train it received a lot of acclaim from the European market, and now the Money Train gaming team has created a second game  with dramatic improvements in graphics, payout rates and gameplay.

Latest Slots News – RELAX GAMING will launch Money Tran3 on September 22, 2022.


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Money Train 2 game highlights

  • RTP: 96.4%~98% This is a highly volatile game and every free spin is full of hope.
  • The highest payout is 50,000X ! It is one of the highest payout slot games.
  • Pretty impressive with a cool retro punk twist
  • The music and rhythm of the game are very lively and lively.
  • Money Car Bonus Round is very popular because of this game, that’s why Monery Car 2 came out, it’s a slot game that runs with Bonus Round.

Introducing the symbols and characters in Money Train 2


There are 2 different bonus features in the game

  1. RESPIN function:If two BONUS symbols appear in a graphic SPIN, it will immediately enter the RESPIN function, the multiplier in the upper right corner of the game will increase by one until the end of the game The accumulated multiplier will contribute to the winnings, which means the winnings will be multiplied by several times.
  2. Money Train Bonus Round: Just spin three or more bonus symbols to get instant free spins, this is the biggest attraction of Money Train, in this bonus round, there are 3 free spins, when you spin the multiplier symbols , the number of free spins will revert to the 3 spins it started with, but if no symbol is found, the number of free spins will be reduced by one round.

Additional symbols in MONEY TRAIN 2

Original symbol in Money Train: PYAERCOLLECTOR. WIDENER.


Added symbols to the game Money Train 2. Collector/Payer Sniper Necromancer and Reset Plus also adds new weapons


It looks very complicated. To sum up, there is a golden frame symbol. You need to know that the big bonus is about to explode.

The interactive matching function of these special patterns is like playing the role of the skills, talents, and equipment of the characters in the game. Great cool feeling, this game also has a lot of different ways to match special patterns, all have the opportunity to win points up to 50,000X Max Win. It is recommended to watch the video at the beginning of the bottom to understand the charm of this game.

Differences between Money Train games one and two

  1. In the first part of Money Train, the top prize was 20,000X, in this version, using traditional graphics, no special features, and buying free spins is 80X your capital.
  2. In the second part of the game, the payout is 50000x. Free spins are awarded up to 100x. And the biggest improvement is of course the charm of the game.
  3. Because the function of Money Cart in Free Spin is very attractive, Relax Gaming pulled this function out and made a specific Money Cart game, the game name is Money Cart 2, those who like it can try it, but in Money Cart 2 the biggest bonus Only 5000, if you want to get rich overnight, you’d better play Money Train 2.
  4. Special introduction : RANKING D&T